About us

Floor Seasons was born out of a fifteen-year career in the wooden flooring industry and the intuitive knowledge that told us we could do it better.

We wanted to be innovative, we wanted to offer more choice, we wanted to showcase our products better and most of all we wanted to make it more straightforward for our customers to choose a beautiful wooden floor.

We have achieved those goals and we continue to innovate and expand the diversity of our range.

We wanted also to give a superior quality customer service to match our superior quality floors and for a small family firm we like to think we’ve managed that quite well too.

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Floor Seasons is a family business offering our clients around the UK beautiful, bespoke wooden floors, from our King’s Road showroom in Chelsea, West London.

Foremost in our selection process are the beautiful, natural qualities of wood. We chose only finishes which enhance those natural qualities, bringing nature into your home.